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Wedding Planning and Designing by Megan Davis. An Accredited Wedding Planner and Designer from the New York Institute of Art and Design. Megan is down to Earth and loves making her clients dreams come true. With her stress-free, optimistic wedding planning you are sure to enjoy planning and be filled with excitement! Getting you the best value for your budget, and helping you every step of the way, Passion Weddings will make your wedding dreams come true!


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“Passion weddings has been amazing with my wedding planning experience! Five months ago all I had was my dress and feeling a bit overwhelmed about how I was going to get everything done! Having my hands full and not having an idea how to do somethings, I reached out to Megan. She has been great with finding me the best deals and suggesting some great vendors. I appreciate her time, ideas and the things she does to make sure everything will be close to perfect for my special day! She is always touching base to make sure everything is going smooth and I stay on track!
I would highly recommend Megan to anyone who needs a little extra help!”
— Tasha & Randy 9/7/19
megan was absolutely amazing. she made sure everything was checked and everyone was where they were supposed to be. she contacted all the right people and double checked all the vendors were up to date. made time lines that were wasy to follow. she also came up with great ideas and places to call about how to get everything we needed. i would highly recomend her for any wedding you intend to plan.
— Shelby & Preston 8/31/19



I will make your dream wedding come true. A fun filled planning experience with no stress, just excitement. I will always get the most out of your budget, and a little extra! Weddings do not have to break the bank, neither does a Wedding Planner, I have the lowest prices in The Valley, so you can spend your budget on your dream day.


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I am the owner of Passion Weddings Colorado. I have always loved designing, I used that to form a designing career for myself. On top of that I am very down to Earth, which makes my planning techniques stress free! It’s always good to have a wedding planner you connect with, and that becomes more than just a planner, It is someone who wants to make your dream wedding come true and that will make your wedding, one to always remember. I studied at the New York Institute of Art and Design, earning my Accredited Wedding Planner and Design Certificate. I am passionate about love, family, and making dream weddings come true.


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